Full-auto Spiral Center Tube Making Machine
Full-auto Spiral Center Tube Making Machine

Product review


I. Components
2.Perforation device
3.Tube making mechanism
II. Specifications
1.Production efficiency: 20-35pcs/min
2.Tube diameter range: 30-75mm or customized
3.Tube length: freely
4.Steel strip thickness: 0.25-0.32mm
5.Steel strip width: 45mm
6.Motor power: 3Kw
7.Power supply: 380V/50Hz
8.Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
9.Machine weight: 800kg
10.Machine size: 1600mm*800mm*1240mm (L*W*H)
III. Features
1.Every diameter needs one set of moulds;
2.The length can be cut according to the specific requirements;
3.The machine has the option of hydraulic or mechanical power drive.