How to Buy Filter Pleating Machine in China

How to Buy Filter Pleating Machine in China


Roller Type VS. Knife Type

How to Buy Filter Pleating Machine in China

There are mainly 2 types of pleating machines:

1.     Roller type filter paper pleating machine

2. Knife Type filter paper pleating machine
What to consider when buying a filter pleating machine? 
Full-auto Roller Pleating Machine
Full-auto Knife Pleating Machine
0~30m/min, Faster 
0.5m/min-12m/min, Knife go back and forth, the speed is not as fast as roller type
How to adjust pleating height
Need to change roller size; different pleating height, different roller size 
Just simply click a few buttons on PLC, change the pleating height numbers, and done
Folded Layers
NO, Just One Layer
, Can Pleat Multi-layer
Can Pleat dimple lock
Can Pleat un-cure paper
Can Pleat Non-woven, fiber, mesh


Now, you can have a general idea of how to buy pleating machine in China. You can choose according to your needs. For example, if you need to pleat dimple lock kind of paper, choose roller type; If you need to pleat 3-layers filter paper, choose knife type; if you change pleating height a lot, knife might a better choice etc.

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