Converse Seaming Machine for hydraulic filter
Converse Seaming Machine for hydraulic filter



I. Specifications

1.Production efficiency: 8pcs/min

2.Seaming diameter: 80-130mm

3.Filter assembly height: 200-300mm

4.Steel thickness: 0.5-1mm

5.Motor power: 2.285Kw

6.Air pressure: 380V/50Hz

7.Power supply: 380V/50Hz

8.Machine weight: 400kg

9.Machine size: 880mm*780mm*2260mm (L*W*H)

II. Features

1.This specially designed machine has the function of gluing and seaming at the same time, and it is high efficiency.

2.The seaming molds moving action is automatically finished by cylinder set program.

3.Pressing the left-right buttons manually at the same time, so as for safe operation.