What are oil filters made of?

What are oil filters made of?


You've may have put many new filters on your vehicle when changing the oil, or sell millions of them because of its huge demand market. But do you know how it is made? Have you ever seen inside one?

Take a close look at the inside of an oil filter. It consists of

What are oil filters made of?
1.Cover Plate 
This serves as the entry and exit point for oil. Small holes around the edge facilitate the free flow of oil into the container. The threaded center hole is where the oil flows out and also how the container attaches to the engine.

2.Anti-drain back valve
Because the oil filter is typically located toward the middle or bottom of an engine, this rubber valve has a flap that blocks oil from draining back into the filter when the engine is off.

3.Filter upper and lower cap

4.Pleated and clipped filter paper 
The porous filter medium consists primarily of microscopic cellulose fibers along with synthetic fibers such as glass and polyester, which increase filtering efficiency and durability. Folding the filter medium creates a greater total surface area. 

5.Center steel tube
The center tube provides structure and lets filtered oil return to the engine. The number, size, and position of the holes is key to ensuring that the oil flow is not restricted.

A thin bit of metal that acts as a leaf spring, the retainer keeps the filter medium and end disc tight against the tapping plate.


On the next article, we will talk about how these components are produced and assembled. See you then.

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